After School

Our after school program is designed to be a highly engaging way for students to see what programming is all about.

Each student will decide on a project that they are most interested in building.

We work with the student in a one on one capacity to breakdown the project in to features and create wireframes. We will outline a path to complete the project, starting with most base form of the project and iterating from there.

We will direct students to learning resources to pickup the skills they need to build each step of their project and assisting them when they get stuck.

Intensive Learning

Our intensive programs are organized to walk students through the most direct route to an employable skillset. The curriculum we use builds foundational knowledge of not just the programming languages but the development tools needed to succed on a real development team.

Code the Block's educational programs aim to create a clear path to success that minimizes the chances that a student becomes overwhelmed, frustrated and quits. We bring together the brightest minds from the education and tech circles to provide students with a quality learning experience in a supportive environment, increasing student engagement and success.

We design our programs to be modular and adapatable to our students’ and partner organizations’ needs and formats.

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