Code the Block

We exist to reverse the cycle of poverty for students by giving them sustainable, marketable skills while developing leadership mindsets.


Who We Are

Code the Block envisions a future where Kansas City's underserved students become key stakeholders in the local tech landscape.

To provide access to educational opportunities for communities that continue to be underserved in Kansas City. We have a large portion of the population that has all the potential in the world but have a more difficult road to success because it's not lined with an abundance of opportunities and access. We believe that once doors are opened, success is inevitable if you're willing to work hard.

Never learned to code? Not a problem! Students who participate in Code the Block's educational programming come from all background levels. We take students from the very beginning all the way to being able to make fully-functional programs.


Our Focus

Community Leadership

Technical Skills

Practical Experience


“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”




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