Tech Trailblazers

Code the Block provides a 7-month program to develop and train minority students to become leaders in technology and their communities. Students will learn skills, tools and mindsets that are crucial to entering and sustaining an impact in Kansas City's tech industry. Students will expand beyond the basics of a programming language and into programmatic design to better solve the technological challenges that companies face.

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Spring Semester

Students meet twice a month on Saturdays for onboarding and soft-skills training. We want to help students develop into capable leaders within their development teams and the greater community. Building a sense of community in the cohort allows us to hit the ground running in June when the intensive camp begins.

Summer Intensive

The intensive camp meets five days a week from 9 am - 5 pm for eight weeks. Students will alternate between classroom lectures and projects to reinforce learning objectives. The last two weeks students will form teams to solve real projects with real clients. Students will graduate with a strong command for software engineering fundamentals, a portfolio and an unique learning/work experience from which to draw upon in interviews.



Spring: February - May

Bi-monthly Saturday meetings for onboarding, soft-skills training, and pre-work.


  • Week 1: Programmatic thinking and design, data types/variables

  • Week 2: Conditionals, Loops, Data Structures

  • Week 3: Functions, Projects

  • Week 4: Maintenance, Version Control, and Unit Testing


  • Week 1: Object Oriented Programming, Recursion

  • Week 2: Databases

  • Week 3: Form development teams, meet with clients, project design, task setting, begin development

  • Week 4: Build Projects, Demo Day


Tech Suite and Topics

Technical Skills:




Object-Oriented Programming

Soft Skills


Project and Time Management

Project Design

Professional Communications



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